United States is the most powerful aircraft carrier inaugurated


USS Gerald Ford, the United States has commissioned a large-scale aircraft carrier. On Saturday, the country’s President Donald Trump commissioned a one-million-tonne warship with an event.

United States aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford has been built at a cost of around $ 13 billion. It is 1106 feet long. It does not get caught in the radar. There are two runways on it.

Five thousand people work in the ship, among them four thousand Marine soldiers and sailors. Its weight is one million tons. It has 80 aircraft capacity.

Commenting on the ceremony, the President Trump said that the warship created a big junk for the enemy. The new carrier, once claimed to be able to run for 20 years with the fuel,

This warship has been named as ‘USS Geral R.’ in the name of American 38th President Gerald Ford. Ford ‘.

Trump said at the inauguration of the carrier, “I welcome the commission for the construction of the Warlord Ford. I congratulate the American army and the workers engaged in the construction. ‘

The President handed over the President Trump to Captain Richard McCormick by organizing a ceremony at the Norfolk naval base in the country.

In 2009 the construction work of the ship started. It was handed over to the commission in the last year of construction for 6 years. After this, it was finally added to the navy on Saturday after various experiments.

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